Warner-Weiner Center
The Warner-Weiner Center

This M1-A multi-tenant industrial-manufacturing building is located at 2075 through 2097 Laguna Canyon Road in the city of Laguna Beach, California.

It is a true industrial building with roof height up to 20' and ultra-large roll-up garage doors permitting vehicles inside the building, as well as on its three parking lots for loading/unloading and parking.

The center, was constructed in 1964 on Laguna Canyon Road, the "front door to Laguna Beach," because it is the main north-south thoroughfare for traffic in the city of Laguna Beach and a magnet for business.

The Canyon intersects Pacific Coast Highway, which is the other main transportation artery which runs along the Pacific Ocean, traversing the entire state of California.

The owner, Dr. Dolores Warner, a licensed real estate agent with experience in residential and industrial/manufacturing properties in Los Angeles and Orange County, manages and leases the property. "This property is very special and a source of enormous pride to our family since it was built in 1964 by my Father. I recently renovated it for many more decades of unique benefit to tenants doing business here and to contribute to the tax base and goals of Laguna Beach. I am working to expand the productive capacity of the property, the beautification of the Canyon and to contribute to the expansion of employment in Laguna Beach to further elevate the life style enjoyed by those residing, doing business and visiting, in Laguna Beach."

Laguna Canyon is approximately 10 miles in length and changes its name from "Broadway" in the center of town, to "Laguna Canyon Road," which is also known as "Veteran's Memorial Highway" as well as the "133 Freeway."

This Warner-Weiner Center is conveniently located close to the center of Laguna Beach in a serene, spacious, stunningly pristine, natural setting conducive to business. Its tenants include building contractors, gutter and downspout fabrication/installation, artists pursuing painting and sculpting, printing/graphics, wood workers, storage for car collections, auto repair, glass installation, as well as other building trades.

Its location situated on the 133 Freeway affords direct, convenient access for delivery and transmission of raw materials and finished products. This is the only property on Laguna Canyon Road with a parking guard on duty to protect the parking for exclusive tenant use to insure convenience of doing business at the Warner-Weiner Center.

Everyday life is an artistic adventure in Laguna Beach where your location in the Warner-Weiner Center affords the opportunity to participate with, and produce the finest, elevating the ordinary into the memorable.

2075 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, 310-821-2142