Warner-Weiner Center
Welcome to the Warner-Weiner Center, Laguna Beach, California

Do business in LAGUNA BEACH with the ocean within reach.

Creative energy surges incessantly through the artistic consciousness of Laguna Beach as does the surf splashing against its coast contemplated by those in the residential areas sprawled across sloping hills above the city with incomparable ocean views.

Laguna Beach is located in Southern Orange County with the majority of the commercial use situated between the Pacific Ocean and the hillside areas featuring the arts for which Laguna Beach is famous including painting, sculpture, glass blowing, textile production and weaving, pottery, film making, music, theatre, and related supporting trades such as fashion and jewelry design, watch and clock making, furniture manufacturing, interior decoration and construction.

Laguna residents live in the numerous neighborhoods with large single family homes, extensive apartments and condominium complexes within high density zoning. There is an ocean-conscious quality to this affluent community reflected in the surfboard business, related garb and equipment and constancy of the sport for which the climate is well-suited. Many of the businesses cater to the beach users, artists, motorcycle enthusiasts, car collectors and the wealthy. It is a stable city with a prosperous future Its residential area is priced higher than surrounding communities with most residences costing over $1,000,000.

Tourism contributes significantly to the economy in an atmosphere of serenity and security which should continue to prosper into the long-range future. Due to this constant influx of people, Laguna Beach is continuous host to a wide variety of people with various tastes seeking its hospitality, art, products, and ambience as well as permanent residence there, bringing considerable disposable income for those purposes which is benevolent for doing business there.

Renovation, decoration, preservation and steady construction of residences, commercial as well as government buildings flourish along with its industrial-manufacturing sector. There is an emphasis on growth as well as preservation. Laguna Beach is a magnet for professions, trades and businesses which enhance its regular renewal process and encourages innovation mixed with nostalgia.

2075 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, 310-821-2142